My Scraproom

My Scraproom Tours are found on this page in reverse chronological order.  I also put a few videos on scraproom organisation and storage ideas.

An overall tour of my room in October 2013:

This is how I store my kit club kits in my scrap room (summer 2013):

In March 2013 (only a month after recording my epic scraproom tour) I had the opportunity to move my scraproom into a much larger room (12 by 17 feet!).  Read my blog post about it here.  Here is the video tour of my brand-new room:

(the 3-part epic tour from Feb 2013 is still relevant as I show many details that I don't show in this video)

Here is a video on my stamp storage cards, including how to make them:

FEBRUARY 2013 (The Epic 3-part Scraproom Tour):

I spent a lot of time in early 2013 purging, organising, and spreading out my stash.  I find it much easier to find things when drawers and shelves are not full.  Here is a 3-part series on how my room looked in February 2013:

SUMMER 2012:
Here is an update on changes I made to my scraproom over the summer.  For a full scraproom tour, see my May 2012 scraproom tour below on this page.

A video showing how I store my Thickers now:

Here is my most recent scrap room tour, posted in 2 parts.  This video shows how I store almost everything I have, in a fair amount of detail.  If you have any questions, feel free to message or email me.

And here's something a little fun:

I get a lot of questions about how I create my videos, so I thought I'd put this here too.  This video is quite old, but my setup for video taping hasn't changed.

Just for fun, I thought I'd post some of my older scraproom videos here, just to see how it has evolved over the months and years that I've been scrapping:

February 2012 in 3 parts:

Aug 2011

 January 2011:

 June 2010 in 4 parts (I had a limit of 8 mins on my videos back then):

And just for a bit of perspective, these are my very first scraproom pictures from November 2009:

My first 5 jetmax cubes!

my scrap buddy!

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  1. Could you please email me the ball bearing parts? I have a tripod but need to know what else to buy :)